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Dane's Biography

Dane has a double major in Physical Education and Health from Bemidji, MN. He completed undergraduate work in Pre-Medicine while completing his United States Air Force commission in ROTC at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He earned a Master’s Degree in Information Communications Technology from UW-Stout in Menomonie, WI. Dane is the CEO and President of Deutsch’s Inc.

While in the Air Force, Dane served as Chief of Maintenance for the country of Turkey where he led 1200 people countrywide who managed all aspects of electronics-communications equipment. After his Air Force career, he formed a corporation called Deutsch's Incorporated which is composed of three companies; Deutsch's Gymnastics Training Center, DCS Netlink, and the Leadership Management Development Center (LMDC).

At Deutsch's Gymnastics Training Center, Dane and his wife trained thousands of children in the sport and discipline of gymnastics over the last 28 years, with the goal of teaching and coaching children on character, discipline, and leadership.

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Over the last 27 years, Dane and his DCS Netlink team repaired computers and installed/maintained networks. His DCS Netlink team won the

Barron County Small Business Model of the Year for 2002. He was chosen as a Wisconsin Small Businessman of the Year.

Dane is a facilitator and trainer for John Maxwell’s book/course “Developing the Leader Within You.” He started a leadership training company called LMDC, where he continues to train people and companies on leadership, soft “people” skills, and character education, He is a National Trainer and Ambassador for both Character Counts. In 2011, Dane became a “Founding Partner” of John C. Maxwell’s Training Company.

Photo of The Tricycle Effect Book Author Dane Deutsch

Dane is an author as well. In 2016, Dane wrote "The Tricycle Effect" book. His book is all about moving from success to significance by leading with Character first in life.

Dane is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Scout. In 2010 and again in 2014, he ran for political office as a candidate for the Wisconsin State Senate.

As an Academic Faculty Instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI, Dane teaches Cyber Technology Ethics.

Dane and his wife, Katharine Joy, have been married for over 40 years, and have four grown children: Tobiah, Moses, Sarah, and Israel, as well as five grandchildren. They currently make their home in Rice Lake, WI.