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Purpose of The Tricycle Effect Book

Coach Dane Deutsch

The main reason that I wrote The Tricycle Effect book was because I recognised that the moral fabric of our culture today is deteriorating and quickly being eroded.  Too many people think that success is the pinnacle of life when in reality, success is simply a part of life's journey.  There is so much more to life when you learn that you really can move from success to significance and enjoy your purpose in life instead of chasing after things that bring importance but not real meaning in life.  The Tricycle Effect book teaches and coaches you to live a significant life by leading with character first. 

To illustrate the difference between success and significance, The Tricycle Effect book shares real-life stories of people who have lived and are living their lives with character first.  One of the influential leaders mentioned in The Tricycle Effect book is Zig Ziglar.  Zig Ziglar said, "Money will buy you a bed, but not a good night's sleep, a house, but not a home, a companion, but not a friend."  Zig is perfectly illustrating that money (what most people deem success) can buy a bed, a house, and a companion, but it can't buy you a good night's sleep, a home or a friend.  My friend, can you see the difference between success and significance?  Living the significant life is when you can get a good night's sleep, have a home, and have a friend.

If you struggle with moving from success to significance; from chasing after things and more money; and life seems very empty, then this character education book is for you.  Reading The Tricycle Effect book will help you quickly understand how to balance success in your life and lead with character first to gain real significance and meaning in this day and age of anything goes.

Please connect with me on my blog.  I wish you the best in your journey of life.  Trike On!

Amazon Description of the Book

Many leaders of today are riding a broken tricycle. They put too much focus on the technical skills and choose to neglect the True North of their moral compass, therefore leading their lives with an imbalance. Yet so many of us—for we are all leaders of our own lives—could benefit exponentially from character-driven choices. That is why I have built The Tricycle Effect! 

In this book, through genuine and authentic real-life stories of character-driven leadership, I share with you how to lead your life with the Character Wheel of Trust and Respect and Honor and Integrity (among other things); how to create that perfect life balance between the Technical-Skills Wheel and the People-Skills Wheel through strength in both professional and personable competence; and how to ride that Tricycle through your life and those of others in such a way that impacts generations to come. 

So join me. Take a seat, grasp the handlebars, and let’s get Trikin’!

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"How to be More Significant in Life by Being More Productive 

and Successful Leading with Character First"

NEW!  Version 2.0

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